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Buried at the end of DiaTribe's excellent and comprehensive look at the Indians' offseason goals was this little local news gem about a certain former Cleveland pitcher:

If you're thinking that a certain Hefty Lefty is even considering staying in Cleveland, there are a few initials that should clear up any of that lingering thought.

No, those initials are not CC ... try PODS, as in the mobile moving unit that sits in the driveway of his Westlake home. The PODS container is right next to the silver Ferrari he's tooling around town in. If it was not yet official, it is now — see ya, CC.

Heh. For some reason, the thought of CC Sabathia packing up his silver flatware and collection of clock radios into a PODS container tickles me eight shades of pink. You'd think that someone about to sign a contract worth the GDP of a small nation might have someone doing the moving for him — yes, even the small stuff like 2007 Cy Young award and Chorizo bobbles.

Then again, just like all of the collective baseball blogosphere, ol' CC has nothing but time on his hands these days because the free agent open season doesn't start until midnight on Friday. As such, he probably has time for a l'il bubble-wrapping between seeing his name atop Jeff Passan's free agent tracker and laughing at Ned Colletti's "offer" to Manny Ramirez with the rest of us. 

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