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As foul weather continues to delay Game 5 of the World Series, the Philadelphia Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays also continue to wait for the next pitch. The Phillies have the perceived advantage of being at home, while the Rays are headquartered about 25 miles away from Philly at a hotel in Delaware.

Here are 10 ways that both teams passed the time on Tuesday:

10. After "busting some caps" at a local firing range, Brett Myers has more fun than expected helping the Phanatic shop for dresses at the King of Prussia Mall.

9. Willy Aybar is embarrassed by a cheering mob of folks watching him check into his hotel room — the first significant event to occur in Delaware since it ratified the U.S. Constitution in 1787.

8. A standoff occurs in the Phillies clubhouse when four guys called Chase, Clay, Chad and Cole can't agree on whose first name is preppiest.

7. U.S. history buff/treasure-seeker Akinori Iwamura and his seafaring crew fruitlessly dragged the Delaware River looking for crap artifacts that Washington "must have dropped" while crossing upstream at Trenton, N.J.

6. In a remarkable display of drive-thru ordering skill, supposed Subway pitchman Ryan Howard hit 46 of the 47 Taco Bells within 18 miles of Citizens Bank Park during the Jason Bartlett taco giveaway.

5. Sen. John McCain prompted a 900-point spike in the Dow on talk that his economic advisers can balance the U.S. budget, but sent it crashing back down when he revealed that the formula relies heavily on Joe Maddon's damn 9=8 equation.

4. Jamie Moyer captured the imagination of younger Phillies for hours with fireside tales of how he first cracked the Liberty Bell with an errant slider intended for Ben Franklin.

3. In a mild upset, the Rays clubhouse came up with more dirty phrases for what "J.P." Howell could stand for than it can for "B.J." Upton.

2. Pedro Feliz already teased about being the guy in the '08 Phillies lineup who nobody can remember when fans try to rattle if off. 

1. Thankfully, Jonny Gomes never ran out of ideas, or supplies, for drinking games.

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