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First Ryan Dempster predicted a World Series for the Cubs.

Then Kevin Millar said the Orioles would end that Cubs dreams and that he'd do it by hitting a homer off Dempster, his friend and former Marlins teammate.

Now the two are in the throes of a full-fledged mock media battle, as reported by the Baltimore Sun.

Dempster: "It's kind of hard to go deep off me if you're wearing one in the ribs every time up. If he wants to do that, you can tell him that I welcome the challenge."
Millar (video here): "If Dempster threw it at my ribs, that means he's trying to go down and away. He has no command, no control of any fastball he throws, so he can't tell anybody where he's going to throw the baseball. The young man made the [2000] All-Star team with the Fighting Fish [Florida Marlins] because they had to take somebody. The guy's lived off the 2000 All-Star stuff for many, many, many years, and I'm tired of hearing about it."
"There's a Budweiser sign in Wrigley Field. He'll try to throw the fastball down and away, and it might get away from him and hit me. The next at-bat, he's going to try to throw a hanging slider and I'm going hit it off the Budweiser sign."


And to think there are still five more weeks of spring training to go.

Ah, just kidding. At least the guys are still having fun and maintaining a friendship with the help of a few bored sportswriters. Also, the O's actually play at Wrigley this summer (June 24-26), so if they actually do fight, we're guaranteed a better bout than Derrek Lee vs. Chris Young.

• Millar vs. Dempster (second item) / Baltimore Sun

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