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So THIS is where Dallas Braden(notes) gets his "Get off my mound, A-Rod!" attitude.

Her name is Peggy Lindsey and she is Braden's maternal grandmother.

Wearing a white and pink A's cap, Peggy Lindsey was among those in attendance at the Oakland Coliseum on Sunday to watch her grandson toss the 19th perfect game in major league history. Shortly after the last out, Braden and Lindsey embraced on the field. It was a neat Mother's Day moment, especially considering Braden lost his mother — Lindsey's daughter — to cancer when he was a senior in high school.

"Mama loves you!" Lindsey told her grandson.

"I love you!" Braden replied.

Wait a second —  is that any way for a couple of toughs from the 209 area code to talk?

"Y'all ain't got nothin' to say — it was perfect," Braden told TV in a semi-joking, semi-brash manner.

OK, that's more like it, 209. By the way, the Oakland Athletics beat the Tampa Bay Rays by a 4-0 final.

Braden, of course, made news 2 1/2 weeks ago by arguing with Alex Rodriguez(notes) on the field about proper baseball etiquette after A-Rod took a shortcut and walked across the mound after a foul ball.

There was shouting, there was posturing, there was pontificating. The whole thing created a bit of a stir that lasted into this past week

Well, Grandma Lindsey still had her Irish up when A-Rod's name came up in the postgame media scrum.

"Stick it, A-Rod," Lindsey said.

She said WHAT? Don't even THINK about messing with a little old lady from Stockton, Calif., I guess. Oh, and A-Rod had something to say, as well, about Braden's perfecto:

"Good for him," Rodriguez said. "He threw a perfect game. Even better, he beat the Rays."

You have to hand it to A-Rod; he has the proper perspective this time. The Rays and Yankees might be on the verge of switching places in the AL East standings, and Braden helped out New York. So, this should put an end to their "feud." Just as long as it doesn't mean the end of Bradenia as a nation-state.

Also, how extraordinary is it for the Rays to be victims to the past two perfect games? Mark Buehrle(notes) and the White Sox got them last July. It's also funny that Gabe Kapler(notes) made the last out against Braden while also making the loudest out against Buehrle — coming on Dewayne Wise's(notes) famously ridiculous catch.

And how about Braden? He had a 4.62 ERA in 52 career starts and had never gone at least eight innings. His most famous moment before this came when he called out A-Rod. Now, Braden can say he's been perfect.

Everyone seated in section 209 — the same area code as Braden's boyhood home — was at the game to honor him. And they saw him toss the first perfect game for the A's since Catfish Hunter's perfect bid in 1968.

What a great game this is, hmm? And this one was all for you, grandma.

"I just wish his mom was here to see it," Lindsey said.

Aw, jeez, grandma.

Now, as Braden said after the game, "Let's go eat!"

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