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The Internet had another good chuckle at Jose Canseco's expense earlier this week when it was reported that he tried to unsuccessfully send his twin brother Ozzie to participate in a celebrity boxing match down in South Florida.

But a defiant Canseco took to Twitter at the time and insisted the real story had yet to be told. On Tuesday, Canseco's PR firm told his side of the story in a press release that challenges Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman to a polygraph test.

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Long story short: Canseco says that Feldman knew that Ozzie Canseco would be showing up to fight instead because Jose was "dealing with severe depression regarding (their) father's death (in early March)" and "had thrown his back out on his way back from Miami, where he laid his father to rest."

Jose says that he tuned into a feed of the fight and heard an announcer say his name. At that point, he says, he called Ozzie and told him to get out of there, which is what he believes prompted Feldman to start spinning the juicy twin switch story to the media.

From the release

"There was absolutely no point and time that Feldmen wasn't aware that Ozzie was coming in to fight for me" stated Jose.  "I have fought for Feldmen four times before and he knows exactly what I look like and who I am".

Witnesses were in the room with Jose when he called Feldmen to state that he wasn't able to make it and that the fight should be canceled.  Feldmen then agreed with Canseco to allow his brother to come in and fight for him.

Uncensored Writing has the full text of the press release, which contains a large number of grammatical and spelling mistakes and continually refers to Feldman as "Feldmen." (If you've ever seen Canseco's Twitter account, this probably comes as no surprise.)

But as the release correctly states, Feldman is not exactly the most pristine of sources. He just pleaded no contest to charges in Pennsylvania that he fixed fights and is barred from promoting any bouts in the state. He's also tight with Lindsay's dad, Michael Lohan, who has said he talked Feldman out of a suicide attempt in 2010. (The pair later famously fought and swore at each other on YouTube. You can look it up.)

So at this point, we have a he said-he said between one of baseball's admitted steroid users and a fight promoter with a checkered past. Sounds like Feldman needs to call up an old friend and solve this dispute in a televised arbitration arena he has sought before.

Judge Jeanine Pirro. (Like we're even kidding.)

UPDATE: Here's the story in Taiwanese news format. Yes! (H/N: The Score)

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