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So here I am, just fixing to post a BLS poll on who will be the next manager fired after Willie Randolph, when I get this alert from the Associated Press:

Mariners fire manager McLaren, promote Riggleman 

Yeah, well .. I guess that answers that.

What we know so far, via the AP (and hey, at least the M's brass didn't make McLaren get on a plane and go manage a game before firing him in the middle of the night):

SEATTLE (AP)—John McLaren has been fired as manager of the Seattle Mariners. Bench coach Jim Riggleman will run the team for the rest of the lost season.

The Mariners made the announcement Thursday, three days after they fired general manager Bill Bavasi — and just before the worst team in the major leagues left on its road trip.

McLaren became the second manager in the majors to be fired this season. The New York Mets dismissed Willie Randolph this week.

Since this happened in the wake of Bavasi's firing and the rumors that Richie Sexson is a dead man walking striking out, we can't say that this comes as a total surprise.

At the same time, the swift and efficient rates at which the blows have been struck is starting to remind me a little of Jimmy Conway cutting all ties to the Lufthansa heist. (Don't they?) 

In fact, if we all listen a little harder, I'm sure we'll all be able to hear the Layla piano coda being played out of Seattle. (By the way, if you think I like to look for any excuse to post links to my favorite scenes from "Goodfellas", you're right. Absolutely right.

(All 'Fellas links rated 'R', obvs.)

Anyway, let the Riggleman Era begin!

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