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For the first year, I survived the initial iPhone craze

And upon hearing that Steve Jobs was going to announce the next generation of the "it' gadget, I thought I was going to do the same for the second. I've got a thing for my trusty and sturdy Treo, you see.

But as someone who maniacally checks MLB scores when he's not near a computer or television, Apple and Bud Selig's tech crew at MLB.TV have just made it a lot harder for me to not start devising a way to get out of my current contract with Sprint.

Everyone has a price and the current buzz is that MLB's adapted mobile platform is among the best of Apple's new vendors for third-party programs.

Yeah, they had me at "real-time video highlights."

From CNET: 

Baseball fans rejoice. has just debuted a killer iPhone application at WWDC 2008. The application provides live scoreboards, with individual box scores and pitch-by-pitch updates, along with current and constantly updated video highlights, minutes after the play happens.

This application is great for checking in on your team while you're on the go. Instead of being frustrated by not being able to see what your team is up to,'s solution puts the whole baseball experience, not just the scores, in your pocket.


This iPhone application looks like it's the best in its class, as far as sports applications go.

Before I start to wonder how I'm going to use the relationship between Yahoo! Sports and MLB.TV to my benefit (maybe I can expense it in the name of research and being informed) I'm thinking it might be best to go take a cold shower.

Or at least remember that I like real buttons — Reason #1 Treo > iPhone — to type my texts on.

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