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Ah, you can't beat fun at the old ballpark, friends!

And if you had game 5 in the first Milton Bradley(notes) "incident" pool, stand up and collect your prize!

Yes, that's the newest Mariner giving a nice one-fingered salute to his old friends in Texas during the fourth inning of Seattle's 6-2 loss to the Rangers on Friday night. Bradley didn't speak to reporters after the game, but he's hitting .059 on the season and went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts on the night. After he popped out in the eighth, the AP reported that Bradley "glared for about 10 seconds" at fans who were jeering at him from behind the dugout. 

Flipping fans the bird isn't the worst thing in the world — some of history's greatest men have extended it – but you have to be concerned about this if you're with the Mariners. This certainly isn't the last time Bradley is going to face hostile fans on the road this season and if he's already responding in this manner, well ... let's just say that our Mt. Milton eruption watch is officially on.

If you're all grown up, check out Lookout Landing for the non-censored photo.

Big BLS H/N: Stewie Chris F. for the tip

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