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The bad news for Armando Galarraga(notes) is that the Detroit Tigers are sending him to Triple-A Toledo, six starts after he pitched what should have been ruled a perfect game.

The good news is that he's only scheduled to the minors for a short time — not to mention that he'll also have a sweet ride to get down to Ohio and back.

With the All-Star break approaching, the Tigers announced on Tuesday night that the near-perfect pitcher will head to the minors for a tuneup start instead of sticking around for the big series against Minnesota. If all goes well, he'll return to the big league club for a start against Texas on July 20. 

All in all, not terrible news, especially since he'll rack up some hotel points in a nice extended stay joint.

And he's actually been promised a way out of Toledo.

But it's also disappointing, considering that Galarraga posted a 5.61 ERA in the six starts since getting Jim Joyced against the Indians on June 2. While Galarraga wore a smile in the aftermath of that disappointment with Joyce, he couldn't hide his true feelings on Tuesday night, refusing comment to waiting reporters. 

But who could blame him? From being completely untouchable for 28 outs to not being trusted to take the ball in a big American League Central showdown is a huge fall that has to sting. 

So why is he being sent down?

Our old pal Ian Casselberry on MLive's Cutoff Man has an idea:

"Galarraga's problem isn't only that he doesn't throw left-handed, however. The Twins own him. In 10 career appearances against Minnesota, Galarraga has a 1-6 record and 6.14 ERA. Even in 2008, when he was the pleasant surprise of a miserable season, winning 13 games, he was 0-4 with a 5.46 ERA in five starts against the Twins. Not quite the guy you'd like to start against your closest rival just before the All-Star break."

Nope, not quite the guy, indeed. And in the middle of a tough division race, the Tigers can't count on past results to deliver future success. The decision to demote is a smart one. 

Hopefully a disappointed Galarraga will understand it's for the best — and just for a couple of weeks, too. 

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