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Far be it from me to covet another man's swag, but I'll freely admit I'm insanely gelosa over Craig Calcaterra's recent haul from the National Ethnic Heritage Foundation. The group just sent the NBC Sports blogger a baseball card set featuring 100 Italian-American Baseball Heroes and not only does it include the DiMaggios, Lasordas and Berras of the world, it also contains the Balbonis, Bosios and Konerkos, too. Best of all, every ballplayer is featured in his own oil painting, which together form the best collective baseball card art since Donruss Diamond Kings. All together now: "Viva L'Incaviglia!"

You can say goodbye to at least 10 minutes by viewing the entire set online — Hey, John Smoltz(notes) is Italian? Roy Campanella was, too? Check out skinny Jason Giambi! Uh, Ken Caminiti? — or obtain one of your own by making a donation to the Sons of Italy Foundation on the site. 

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