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Hugs, not hip bumps: O’s outfield opts for safer celebration

Count the Baltimore Orioles outfield among those of us who are determined to put an end to the perils and dangers of that infernal postgame "hip bump" celebration.

As you might remember, ridding baseball of such unsafe silliness has been a pet cause of sorts around these parts. Over time, we have recruited ballplayer allies at the 2008 All-Star gameDan Uggla(notes) refused our advances and look where it got him — and have documented other cases of victorious outfielders opting for a safer way to start the party.

Three years later, Felix Pie(notes), Adam Jones(notes) and Nick Markakis(notes) have seen the light and have started opting for a more humble hug after Orioles magic. Hey, better late than never.

And, as Camden Chat's Stacey found out through an interview with Jones, the reason for the switch had to do with safety (aka "it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.")

From Camden Chat:

It turns out that when the outfielders did their jump and bump, Adam Jones' foot frequently came down on Pie's foot. And as Adam said, "I weigh 220. That'll hurt anyone." In an effort to keep that from happening, Felix decided that a group hug was just as effective a game ending technique, and one that wouldn't result in his foot getting stomped.

Atta boy, Felix. It may not be a popular stand to take at first, but soon everyone will see.

The age of hip bump enlightenment creeps closer ... Right, Mr. Irrelevant?

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