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How picky will Carlos Beltran get before the trade deadline?New York Mets star Carlos Beltran(notes) told reporters on Sunday that he has no problems with any of his rumored landing spots, a group that includes the Boston Red Sox and the Texas Rangers.

But ESPN's Jayson Stark reports that public stance is something of a lie and Beltran has told confidants that he'd use his full no-trade clause if any deal with an American League team pops up.

That would limit Beltran's possible destinations to about seven NL contenders, but less if he insists on staying in right field. He remains open about a temporary switch back to his old center field spot, but given Stark's report, who knows how he really feels?

"For two months, we can discuss that," Beltran told reporters. "Right now I feel so comfortable in right field and it's working so good for me that I don't want to make any change."

As Talking Chop speculates, Beltran's wish to stay in right field might eliminate the Atlanta Braves from the derby as they already have a fella by the name of Jason Heyward(notes) playing that spot. The winners of Beltran's restrictions would seemingly be the Philadelphia Phillies and San Francisco Giants. Both could use a strong right field presence and given Beltran's pickiness, maybe he comes at a relatively cheaper price.

You'd think that someone who cashed $119 million worth of checks from Fred Wilpon would be willing to be a little more flexible so the Mets can get the best return. But as a 10-and-5 player, Beltran is well within his rights to dictate the terms of a trade this week. It's an advantage given up by the teams in the collective bargaining agreement and it's one that Beltran might try to use while finding the ideal contender.

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