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High school kid proves Tim Lincecum’s delivery isn’t for everyoneTim Lincecum(notes) just turned 27 years old on Wednesday, but it's no secret that even younger pitchers are already modeling their deliveries on the unorthodox mound moves of the San Francisco Giants ace.

The most notable imitator to date has been UCLA right-hander Trevor Bauer, who was selected by the Arizona Diamondbacks with the third overall pick in the MLB amateur draft earlier this month.

And while Lincecum sees his influence in Bauer's windup and considers it a compliment, it also turns out that trying to mimic the Freak's success really isn't for everyone.

From the Reading (Pa.) Eagle:

Central Catholic pitcher Jake Lloyd might not like the San Francisco Giants, but he does like Tim Lincecum.

He likes Lincecum so much, he spent the offseason changing his windup and delivery to mimic the Giants ace.

"I love Lincecum," Lloyd said. "His windup is unique. It looked like something fun to do."

His experiment didn't last long. After some rocky outings early in the season, Lloyd agreed with Cardinals coach Scott Hassler and went back to his old pitching motion.

Oh, those impressionable youth thinking they can re-create something over one winter that Chris and Tim Lincecum spent more than a decade building and refining! Perhaps it's time to affix all Lincecum starts with a "do not try this at home" warning?

OK, so Bauer proves that Lincecum's delivery can be co-opted for personal success with the right amount of knowledge and experience.

But there's also a hidden lesson in Lloyd's failure of just being yourself: After going back to his original delivery, he's starting for Central Catholic in Friday afternoon's state championship game.

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