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If baseball teams are looking to inject a little bit of excitement into the dog days of spring training, they'd be wise to follow the lead of the Milwaukee Brewers and do the only thing that truly makes sense — Bring in an old WWF star from the 1980s and have him make a rejuvenating appearance.

Yup, that's The Honky Tonk Man and yours truly, just before first pitch out here in Maryvale. In the spirit of the Easter season, I decided to finally forgive everyone's favorite Elvis-impersonating wrestler, Roy Farris (that's his real name), from winning the Intercontinental championship belt from Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat back in the day.

Why is Farris out here? He's a friend of Mike Vassallo, the Brewers media relations director, and is currently watching the action from the third row behind home plate. 

Farris, who holds the distinction of the longest standing Intercontinental Champion, is now 55 years old, but tells me he still manages to wrestle about 70-80 times a year. A Phoenix-area resident, he's wrestling this weekend with "King" Harley Race in Sedalia, Mo.

I'm serious, though. The Honky Tonk Man is the buzz of the pressbox, where all the beat writers are comparing the photos they took with him after the lunch they shared. Current odds have him smashing a guitar over the home plate umpire's head at 5 to 1.

(A 'Duk-free picture of Farris and his old theme song follows the jump.)

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