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Bless his heart, HankenStein cannot be silenced for long. 

In the most recent edition of the New York Post, bombastic New York Yankees co-chairman Hank Steinbrenner — who is often locked away in an undisclosed Tampa basement made unavailable to the press because he might say something controversial — riffed about the upcoming season.

So good job for finding him, Kevin Kernan:

"We just have to [fudging] win," HankStein most notably opined.

Only he didn't say "fudging."

There is nothing better than Hank Steinbrenner escaping the Fortress of Yankeetude and talking to someone from the media. His brother, Hal Steinbrenner, comes off as more restrained, reasonable and responsible.

But what fun is that? GM Brian Cashman obviously is letting Hank rub off on him (figuratively).

Sure, in some respects Hank is merely a chain-smoking imitation of his father, George Steinbrenner. So what? I happen to miss George Steinbrenner and Hank's the closest thing we got. All Hank needs is a king costume and a horse and he's the spitting image of George.

Let's celebrate his musings, such as this gem:

"Look at the money we are paying out in revenue sharing. We are baseball's stimulus package. The fans of other teams have no reason to complain about us or the Red Sox or the teams that support the rest of baseball."

Yeah, that's right. Not only must the rest of the league finish second to Yankees dominance, it also dare not complain about it. Serfs!

Don't ever change, Hank. Please, don't ever change. 

(Ooh, they're coming for you, Hank. Back into hiding you go!)

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