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Being as how most of us were temporarily ultra-sensitive to bright light and sudden movement that long, long morning, I don't remember there being any commencement day stunts when I graduated from the University of Wisconsin a few years back.

Yet had we held the ceremony at Yankee Stadium, as NYU did on Wednesday, I'm sure at least one person would have tried what William Lopez did in front of the 6,000 people sitting in the stands. Midway through the ceremony, Lopez leapt on the field and made a mad dash for home plate.

As the NY Post reports, he didn't quite make it.

Despite the Rose-Fosse type ending of Lopez's run, it's hard for me not to appreciate and applaud a memorable graduation gag, especially when it came during the only time NYU held its ceremony at the old ballpark. (The usual venue, Washington Square Park, is/was closed for construction.)

Also, whatever fine Lopez had to pay for his trespassing was clearly worth having his father quoted in the Post as saying the following:

Lopez's father, Bob Lopez, said when he saw the figure running on the field, "My wife asked, 'Could that be William?' I said, 'No. That kid's an athlete."

Anyway, big congrats, William. With stones like that, you're going to make it in NY just fine.

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