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It was late August and the San Francisco Giants were locked in a tight struggle for first place in the NL West. The Giants had gotten help at the waiver and non-waiver trade deadlines, but needed something more to push them past the San Diego Padres, who led them by five games. 

What could give the Giants that extra boost? A rousing speech from manager Bruce Bochy or a profanity-laced tirade from Tim Lincecum(notes)?

That kind of stuff's been done before. First baseman Aubrey Huff(notes) knew something extra, something different was necessary. He was in a 3-for-32 slump that needed busting. So Huff decided to dig down deep. Into his underwear drawer. It was time for him to bring out the rally thong.

There were rumors of such clothing when Huff joined the Detroit Tigers last season to help them in their pennant chase, but the Motown media never really investigated the story. Probably because Huff batted .189 in 40 games, and the Tigers ended up missing the playoffs.

Not so with the reporters that cover the Giants, because Huff's red, rhinestone-studded thong seemed to bring out something special in the team. Huff bragged there were 20 wins in that undergarment. Clearly, he could see the future in those rhinestones, as the Giants went 20-10 to win the NL West on the final day of the regular season.

Huff's single piece of floss got plenty of play before Tuesday's win over the Philadelphia Phillies in NLCS Game 3, but the Giants may have received yet another panty push.

That's because boxes and boxes of reinforcements arrived in the Giants clubhouse, courtesy of PAPI, the company that makes the thong in question.

From Andrew Baggarly's "Extra Baggs" blog:

Totally unsolicited, [PAPI] sent three huge dress-size boxes filled with thong underwear in every color of the rainbow to AT&T Park, ATTN: A. Huff. No joke, these boxes stood 3 feet tall. And Huff became a giddy, thong-flinging Santa Claus this morning, distributing them to everyone in the clubhouse.

Huff gave a thong to Baggarly, as well, which tells you that there are definitely perks to being the beat writer for a playoff team.

The Giants are now 25-12, by the way, since Huff began sporting a look the Brazilians often refer to as "fio dental."

Somebody might be playing his way into a big endorsement deal this winter. 

But please, no photo spreads.

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