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Geoff Blum(notes) of the Houston Astros is really giving a new meaning to the old phrase "wear and tear."

Previously known for winning Game 3 of the 2005 World Series for the Chicago White Sox, Blum again attracted our interest on Sunday when he was placed on the 15-day disabled list after injuring his elbow while ... getting dressed? 


Blum felt a "pop" in his elbow while putting on his shirt following Thursday's contest against the Padres, according to manager Brad Mills(notes). With the soreness continuing into Friday, Blum was evaluated at a local hospital where doctors found "loose bodies" in the elbow.

"He was putting on his shirt after the game, and his elbow goes, 'Boom, pop,' and it blows up on him," (manager Brad) Mills said.

OK, here's the point where everyone laughs and we in the blogosphere deem it an "embarrassing injury" and add it to a list of of others. But we shouldn't.

Because as anyone who has ever had a tough workout and then tried to slip on a polo shirt can tell you, it's not uncommon to feel about 50 years older than you actually are while doing so. It's the reason they invented things like aspirin, hot tubs and Icy Hot.

And, perhaps sensing that his injury story was about to enter "John Smoltz using himself as an ironing board" territory, the 37-year-old Blum took the time to remind us of that fact.   

"There are probably 90 percent of us in the big leagues that have loose bodies floating around," Blum said. "It just so happens that after the game, it tightened up on me. The shirt had nothing to do with the [darn] injury."

So don't go blaming Ralph Lauren or Ed Hardy or whatever designer Blum prefers for the surgery he'll likely have to remove the bone chip from his right elbow. He had the same problem and procedure done when he was a much younger man in 1998 and putting on a  shirt had nothing to do with it. It could have just as easily happened while he was swinging a croquet mallet or learning to play the violin or practicing his swordplay for an upcoming production of Shakespeare. All of those would have piqued our interest, too, because it's always about the process — and not the result — with these weird injury stories.

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