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Have you ever had the urge to tackle a gloating opponent as he rounds the bases after hitting a walkoff homer to beat your team? No? That's just me and my wicked impulses?

Well, hopefully you'll still enjoy this minor league fight video that was unearthed by a Wezen-Ball reader and sent to the nation's foremost Tater Trot Tracker.

The situation, as explained by Larry Granillo:

"It's a news report of a game between the Rangers' Class-A affiliate Bakersfield Blaze and the Visalia Rawhide on Memorial Day. Blaze prospect Engel Beltre crushes a tenth-inning, walkoff home run to right field and, after a little preening at the plate, gets involved in a bench-clearing brawl before he even reaches home plate. It is by far one of the more interesting home run trots you may ever see." 

The fight isn't exactly Darryl Strawberry-Armando Benitez(notes) material, and Beltre gets away relatively unscathed, but it's still pretty interesting given the circumstances.

The Rawhide might want to work on their form tackling, though.

(And Beltre on his stiff-arm.) 

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