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So old Jim Edmonds(notes) tells the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that his foot isn't healing like he had hoped and that he's calling it a career at age 40 after 17 seasons. As is the custom these days, Aaron Gleeman has already made a credible Hall of Fame argument for him here.

While there's plenty of time for that Cooperstown debate, I think we can already all agree that Edmonds — who made his name as a California Angel and later turned into a bona fide star with the St. Louis Cardinals — sure could catch the hell out of a baseball: 

Indeed, I think that the lasting impression that Edmonds leaves on the baseball world — even among those of us who had to begrudgingly cheer for him — is one that involves him with his back toward home plate, heading toward the center-field wall with his head looking up at the sky for a baseball. Whether it was robbing Brad Ausmus in Game 7 of the 2004 NLCS or making every highlight reel ever with "The Catch" in Kauffman Stadium, Edmonds knew how to punctuate his eight Gold Glove seasons in center field. 

Oh yeah, he could hit a bit, too. Barring a midseason comeback with a depth-hungry team, Edmonds' final line will read .284/.376/.527 with 393 homers, 1,199 RBIs, 1,949 hits and 998 walks. 

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