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So while stocking up on about four pounds of kung pao chicken and pairs of $14.99 shorts over the weekend, I noticed that Costco's massive book table had more than a few copies of Jose Canseco's new tome for sale.

What's more, it looked like there were four or five copies missing from the steroid-pumped stack, an absence which got me to wondering: Just who in the name of Pat Jordan is buying this thing?

Who's forking over $14 (or even more) to buy a "book" that was slapped together faster than a Miley Cyrus biography?  

The numbers are staggering: Currently, Canseco's book ranks fifth on the NYT fiction non-fiction bestseller list and #1,114 on From my own book-writing experience, I can tell you that most authors, agents, and publicists would pan-fry their young for either number.

Yet I've seen no one on my blogroll of over 200 baseball blogs discussing this thing. Also, even though it might provide for some good post fodder and I could turn in the expense, I can't imagine spending one minute skimming the pages of Vindicated.

But somebody out there has to be buying the book. 

Anyone — besides for the A's fan after the jump — want to admit to it?

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