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Major League Baseball has just announced its official stance on emotional pitchers who fire baseballs into the pressbox. 

The league is against them.

Though met with no discernible outcry outside of a few frightened scribes, Detroit closer Fernando Rodney(notes) has just been suspended for three games after throwing a ball into the Tampa Bay press box after saving last Friday's 4-3 win over the Rays.

Rodney said he was acting on "emotion" during the incident in which no one was hurt or hit.  "I know we're not supposed to throw the ball, but I did," Rodney said. "I was celebrating the moment."

Three games seems a bit much for a brainless action that ultimately didn't hurt anybody, but props to MLB for sending a stern message that sending a baseball where it's not expected will not be tolerated. The results could have been a lot worse

At least the Tigers can probably sustain losing Rodney for the trio of games after extending their AL Central lead to 6.5 games over the past week. And considering Rodney has just increased his offseason value with 32 saves in 33 opportunities this season, this might just give the Tigers' bullpen a head start on preparing for a Rodney-less future

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