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You can forget about those Elmer Fudd caps, which are apparently now sooo 2008.

Today's suburban gangsters and food court fixtures are digging on New Era's new Fnitteds, a knitted accessory that "fits overtop of your favorite 59Fifty (baseball cap) and is an alternate way to winterize your caps." They cost $21.99 and are available at select stores.

Since a new 59Fifty will set you back more than $35, we're looking at almost $60 for a dog-eared way to show your baseball allegiance all year long. I don't exactly hate the idea of looking like a baseball-obsessed character from A Christmas Story, but since the New Era website only offers four selections — one of which is Los Angeles and none of which are Chicago, Minnesota, Cleveland or (insert cold city here) — I'm not fully sold on these makeshift Stormy Kromers. (Your warmest winter hats come with a knit ball on top anyway.)

Fashion Ump ruling: They're not for everyone, so let's call it a sacrifice fly

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