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The Tigers and Pirates went super-retro on Sunday afternoon with each sporting the unis from the time the two teams met in the 1909 World Series. Though the look no doubt tickled all of those who were alive to see Honus Wagner and Ty Cobb face off, the extra-baggy look didn't quite work and if Dontrelle Willis'(notes) career weren't already flagging, I'd blame that super-loose Tigers shirt for the eight walks he issued over 3 2/3 innings. I'm usually a fan of any throwback day, but this one was a big whiffer.

Fashion Ump ruling: Down on strikes! 

The Fashion Ump makes a few more rulings below ...

* * *

Ah, now this is something more my speed. On Saturday, the Indians and Cardinals commemorated their fantastic 1988 seasons —  when both squads finished under .500 — and tickled all of us who remember watching Tommy Herr and Brook Jacoby do their thing. Extra points to St. Louis for sticking with the pullover approach.

Fashion Ump ruling: Back-to-back jacks 

* * *

Anyone know if Joe Beimel(notes) is intentionally trying to look like Ogre these days?

Fashion Ump ruling: Mark it 'U' for unkempt, dude. 

* * *

When the Red Sox unveiled a few new changes to their uniforms over the winter, the most controversial introduction was the occasional "Hanging Sox" hat. Most Red Sox fans acted as if the cap had been sent here by the devil himself, but I wanted to reserve judgment until actually seeing it on the field. I finally did over the weekend and I'd like to add that I'm just as appalled as my brothers from Boston. I'd say to put these hats on mothballs, but I think even moths have enough fashion sense to stay away from them. 

Fashion Ump ruling: Sent to the showers

* * *

Anyone else think John Smoltz(notes) has a little Mr. Rogers sweater thing going on here? 

Fashion Ump ruling: Bloop single 

* * *

I've been sitting on this clip for awhile now, but I still love the fact that President Obama goes to his daughter's soccer game while looking like Ozzie Guillen during a pitching change. 

Fashion Ump ruling: Double to the gap

 * * *

Finally, here's three of the better fan-produced t-shirts I've seen lately from the minds at (L to R) Talking Chop, Miller Park Drunk and No Mas. Get 'em while they're hot.

Fashion Ump ruling: Triple play, of course

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