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The Tampa Bay Rays are a MLB-best 18-7, but rank only 22nd in total attendance. That disparity has led to the usual rounds of hand-wringing on both sides of the the bay. Suggested fixes now include building a train that stops at the stadium — we'll see Evan Longoria in Cooperstown before a big project like that would ever get done — and busing in old folks from a central location.

Look, if the Rays winning at a franchise-record pace can't bring out all the flakes who are eternally complaining about Tampa Bay traffic — as if they're the only fans in baseball who face such an inconvenience — there is nothing that will.

Nope, not even Longoria and B.J. Upton kicking it old school with knee-high stirrups like they did on Sunday. (That doesn't mean they should ditch them. I remain a big fan.)

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