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Everyone's calling this the "dog poops on field" video, but I think it's really about so much more. Indeed, it's hard to watch this playful pup sprint across the field of a minor league ballpark and not be reminded of much deeper issues — the desire of any living thing to be free, the uncontrollable urges to create disorder between the lines of order and the dogged pursuit of something only to see it slip away at the last second.

That this seven-month-old beagle mix named Mona evoked all of those themes while humorously punctuating her wayward stint as the Northwest Arkansas Naturals'  "Iams Adoptable Pet of the Game" with a, uh, "relief appearance" — all while the Benny Hill theme plays, no less — is nothing short of artistic brilliance.

I'm happy to report that Mona's outstanding performance earned her a "forever" home when she was adopted from the Springdale Animal Shelter early last week. It also caused another family who was interested in Mona — but who stood second in line — to adopt two other dogs in need of a good home. So in addition to that rousing round trip around the field, we can credit Mona with two saves.

Her outing will be celebrated with a good belly scratch.

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Big League Stew

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