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Does alleged new Miami Marlins logo spell doom for Billy?

Sometime on Tuesday night, a rendering of what appears to be a new Miami Marlins logo (yes, they're not just for Florida anymore) popped up on Chris Creamer's Sports Logo Community. The Twitter community got hold of it, and the buzz grew exponentially.

If an unscientific poll conducted by CNBC's Darren Rovell gives an accurate indication, most people will hate it. But it looks legit. While differing in colors, the big "M" looks much like one in "Marlins" that can be found on the team's website in the logo for the new ballpark.

Speaking of colors, you also might notice: the marginalizing of teal continues!

The whole package is very art deco Miami (and kind of like an upside-down W Hotel logo). The "Marlins" block letters script isn't anything special. But what about the abstract fish hooking its tail around the big "M"? The fish isn't anatomically (ichthyologically?) correct, like the one in the current Marlins logo.

It's so abstract, it would take a good guess to know that it's a marlin if we didn't have any context. And it's not at all like Billy the Marlin, the mascot with the most dangerous snout in Major League Baseball. Does this new logo mean the Marlins are dumping Billy?! Come 2012, will he sleep with the (other) fishes?

When asked about the logo change, a team spokesman told the Miami Herald:

"Official unveiling 11/11 (Nov. 11)," texted Marlins president David Samson. "No other comment."

A classic non-denial denial. Also: you tease!

Some have speculated this might be what they call a "soft launch," in which a company "leaks" a new idea as a form of market research. Although, if it is, and the Fish plan to parade around player-models in new uniforms, they don't have much time to tinker.

It also could be a secondary logo — lots of teams have them — and perhaps there's more to the new look the Fish will sport in '12.

Well, I don't care — as long as they keep the old mascot. And, as a wise man has said on the Internet: None of this matters much if the Marlins win next season.

And as long as they keep Billy.

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