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He probably has more important things on his mind right now with the NBA's Western Conference finals going on, but that won't stop some desperate Los Angeles Dodgers fans from sending up the bat signal for Mark Cuban.

With the Frank McCourt saga wearing thin on fans' nerves, there's now an organized effort to get Cuban, owner of basketball's Dallas Mavericks, to snap another team for his holdings. The movement now includes a website, stickers passed out at games and, presumably, a painted water tower with their slogan if they can raise enough funds.


We want to see [the Dodgers] return to the rich history they had when the O'Mallys [sic] were the owners. We need to speak up and unite as fans so that Major League Baseball hears us. We are tired of Frank McCourt and the games he is continually trying to play. He needs to step away and let a new owner come in, one that will have that desire to return to glory. [...]

Yes Mark Cuban, can be that guy or maybe he won't, but the point and idea behind it is we need to make our voice heard and rally behind the team and show we want to return to that glory the Dodgers once had. Please gather and support this site and list your thoughts and let's get the attention of Major League Baseball and Mark Cuban.

It's nice to see that the site's author allows for the possibility that Cuban might not be interested, no matter how much Dodgers fans pester him over Twitter. After all, he has said he's done bidding on baseball teams after he expressed interest in both the Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers in the past few years and came home empty handed after advancing to different stages in the process. One has to think Cuban — always a savvy businessman first, sports fan second — would turn green just looking at the debt load that McCourt is going to saddle the next owner with. Wishing for Cuban to take over the Dodgers is one thing, but the odds of it actually happening are very slim.

That's not to say these folks have to give up on the idea of an NBA figure saving their team. After all,  there's always Magic Johnson.

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