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Brandon Phillips(notes) hits a ball in front of the plate, Carlos Ruiz(notes) picks it up, Ryan Howard(notes) catches the ball and Citizens Bank Park explodes in celebration.

Everything you know about baseball and its postseason says "that did not just happen."

But it did.  

Roy Halladay(notes) of the Philadelphia Phillies just threw a no-hitter in a playoff game. In his first postseason start. After playing 12 seasons in Toronto without experiencing meaningful baseball in October. Against a Cincinnati Reds lineup that led the National League in runs, hits and homers this season. In addition to the perfect game he threw against the Florida Marlins back in May.

It's almost too incredible to seem true. What a debut. What a story.

What a pitcher.

In allowing no hits to the Reds in a 4-0 playoff-opening victory on Wednesday, Halladay joins the Yankees' Don Larsen — who threw a perfect game in the 1956 World Series — as the only pitchers to throw a no-hitter in the postseason. It's also the sixth no-hitter of 2010.

Only a fifth-inning walk to Jay Bruce(notes) kept Halladay from becoming the first pitcher to throw two perfect games in one season. He's still in excellent company, though, as he's the first pitcher to throw two no-hitters in a season since a guy by the name of Nolan Ryan did it in 1973. (Halladay is the fifth overall.)

The funny part is that I appeared on Dan Levy's On The DL Podcast this morning and made the remark that truly great baseball moments in the history of the division series have been few and far between. Well, what we just watched was unforgettable baseball history we'll be seeing for the rest of our lives. Amazing.

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