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This Vitamin Water ad featuring David Wright(notes) and The Situation spread across Thursday's Internet faster than an STD tearing its way through the Jersey Shore. But because I like to post every baseball commercial that comes my way, it's also appearing here, too.

Reaction to the ad has been a predictable mix. Mets fans are loving it and happily asking for more. Phillies fans are hating it and wondering what's with the Rocky music

I'm somewhere in the middle. On one hand, I kind of like this Situation character. I've never watched more than five minutes of Jersey Shore, but he reminds me of every guido (and there were plenty) that went to my high school — arrogant yet dopey, fierce but fun, materialistic between bouts of charity. Ultimately harmless and sometimes likable under that ridiculous posture and facade they put on.

On the other, I'm disappointed they didn't make Wright look like more of a guido at the end. You can't tell me they ran out of coconut oil and hair gel down in Port St. Lucie that day. 

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Big League Stew

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