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You're going to do a spit-take after hearing this one.

Rehabbing Seattle Mariners closer David Aardsma(notes) said he threw harder than he wanted in a Triple-A Tacoma appearance on Tuesday night because his entrance music pumped him up too much.

The tune in question?

Saliva's "Ladies and Gentleman," the song that Aardsma uses to start his saves at Safeco Field.

From SportsPress NW:

"It probably got me too amped up,'' Aardsma said Wednesday in describing his return to game action Tuesday after January's surgery on his left hip. "It got me wanting to throw too hard, do too much.''

Aardsma threw 22 pitches in the rehab bid and control was a bit of a problem. Only 10 pitches went for strikes and he ended up giving up two hits, two walks and two runs.

The good news is that the music didn't affect his health in any way. Aardsma — who saved 38 games for the M's in 2009 and 31 in 2010 — was back in the Mariners clubhouse on Wednesday to tell beat reporters that his left hip felt fine and the wildness was par for the course after missing spring training and not appearing in a game since last fall.

"Twenty-two pitches, 10 strikes, which is a pretty good average. It's right where you want it, right?" he joked. "Gotta get those hitters off the plate a little bit."

Aardsma will be back in Tacoma on Friday night for some more work. Anyone want to suggest a song that will be a little more soothing for him this time?

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