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Davey Johnson: what am I thinking right now?

That's amazing! The Peloponnesian War DID transform Greek society like no other event!

Johnson is using his incredible mental skills to a creepy degree right now. You see, Johnson recently mentioned in passing how Team USA would forfeit the World Baseball Classic if injuries continued to mount for his club.

The manager offered up Kevin Youkilis in a "hypothetical" scenario, saying he could never return to Boston if the Red Sox first baseman became injured playing catcher in the WBC.

"I would definitely had gone out and said we had to forfeit this ballgame," Johnson said. "Yeah, I’d forfeit it."

Well GUESS who — less than a day after Team USA's stunning comeback victory — went home because of an injured ankle and is out for the rest of the tournament?

Mr. Hypothetical, himself, Kevin Youkilis.

Davey Johnson: I'm thinking of a number between 1-100. What is it?

Grover Cleveland is right! How'd he do that? Burn the witch!

You see, Johnson's not merely (un)lucky. And he's not Carnac the Magnificent in disguise. He's something more sinister — a madman, perhaps  — who is using his superhuman mental powers to prove a point about how poor the WBC setup is.

"You just can't have this becoming a circus," Johnson has said.

We can put Youkilis under the big top with Dustin Pedroia, Chipper Jones and Matt Lindstrom, who also are out for the tournament. Ryan Braun is sidelined (pulled McRib) but hopes to return.

Who's going to get hurt next, Davey?

Tell us!

Will Jake Peavy (left) or Jimmy Rollins (center) come down with an ailment? What about Chris Iannetta? Some kind of injury that will make Team USA even more dependent on reinforcements, who might or might not come, which only goes further in proving your point about the flawed substitution process.

It's a good thing the U.S. gets a chance to replace Youkilis on the roster between now and the semifinals, or else Johnson might have to make good on part two of his doomsday scenario and quit.

Unless that's just what he wanted all along!

Tell us about tomorrow, Davey.

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