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1. Holy fungo bats, Girardi! The Yankees' hazing went Gotham on Sunday. LoHud
2. The Tigers did a superhero hazing theme in 2008, including Fu-Te Ni as Batman. Caruso
3. The Rangers' magic number has ballooned all the way up to 2010. The Newberg Report
4. The Royals are hurting their draft chances with all this winning (10-3 in Sept.) Royals Review
5. Could Toronto rid itself of Vernon Wells'(notes) contract by putting up with Milton Bradley(notes)? Tao of Stieb
6. Proving that no one ever learns, D'Back fans have also joined in the Bradley debate. AZ Snakepit
7. Boston would have gone 144-18 this year had they played Baltimore every game. Red Sox Monster
8. Ken Griffey still isn't saying if he wants to come back in 2010. Seattle Times
9. A Giants' prospect is a suspect in a Dominican Republic murder case. The Splash
10. Edgar Gonzalez won't wear the new S100 until he gets one that fits him. Gaslamp Ball
11. President Obama hints that he likes the Cardinals chances in October. Cards Diaspora
12. The Twins are going to miss the Metrodome. Bugs & Cranks

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