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1. Rob Neyer believes Hanley Ramirez(notes) deserves more airtime in MVP discussion. Sweet Spot
2. Coley Ward details the reasons why, complete with Marlins WAR pie! UmpBump
3. Loved in Philly and Chicago, but booed in San Fran? Way to go, A. Rowand. Extra Baggs
4. Every Phillies story from The Onion, all in one place. The Good Phight
5. Jim Leyland once pinch hit Angel Echevarria for Todd Helton(notes). Bugs & Cranks
6. Harold Baines never wore a glove for the O's, but he's entering their HOF. Baltimore Sun
7. Speaking of Sox, Ron Kittle is triumphantly returning to Edmonton. Edmonton Journal
8. When Billy Wagner(notes) met Jonathan Papelbon(notes), imagined hilarity ensued. Metsradamus
Kirk Gibson's — not Ken Griffey's — place in Back To The Future 2 Cleveland Frowns
10. Hate those kids who keep the stickers on their brims? Show 'em this. Jeff Pearlman
11. The Stew gets some love for its "cyber pinup girl" story. Thanks? Vancouver Sun
Finally, consider giving to The Jimmy Fund today, won't you? The Soxaholix

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