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1. It wouldn't be the week before spring training without one last soap opera and this year's drama is coming from an unlikely theater. Down in Arlington, Michael Young(notes) and the Texas Rangers franchise he led for the past decade or so are at war. A divorce before pitchers and catchers seems a sure thing after both sides went to the media on Monday. 

"I asked for a trade because I've been misled and manipulated and I'm sick of it," Young told [on Monday]. ". . . I got pushed into a corner one too many times. I couldn't take it any more."

Given the Rangers' offseason, the only shocking things here are that 1) it took this long after the Adrian Beltre(notes) trade for Young to flinch and 2) GM Jon Daniels couldn't have shipped him away earlier when he had some semblance of trade value. The result will be a messy end to what looked like an exemplary player-team relationship the past few years. That's a shame, but it's also the business. FOX Sports

2. With Young owed $48 million over the next three yeas and only willing to approve a trade to eight teams, our own Tim Brown details Daniels' big challenge. Y! Sports  

3. Three NL West teams are on Young's approved list, but the San Francisco Giants are conspicuously missing. What's he got against the world champs? 22 Gigantes 

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4. One Rangers fan isn't joining the Michael Young adoration society. SB Nation 

5. Derek Jeter(notes) held his first mini media court on Monday and said he doesn't have a crystal ball when it comes to a future position change. Associated Press

6. Say cheese: Evan Longoria(notes) and Troy Tulowitzki(notes) made Pete Rose an honorary Dirtbag in Las Vegas over the Super Bowl weekend. The Heater

7. Heath tries to come to terms with Vladimir Guerrero(notes) in an O's uniform. Dempsey's Army 

8. Was 2001-2010 the best decade in Phillies history? Phillies Nation 

9. You know the winter is getting long when Seattle Mariners fans start re-examining the Safeco Field stints of Richie Sexson and Mike Cameron(notes). Lookout Landing

10. Jim Margalus takes a great look at the White Sox's lame habit of shaming fans into buying tickets that are overpriced in the first place. South Side Sox 

11. Meanwhile, the Cubs are having trouble moving 2011 ticket packages. Aisle 424 

12. Finally, I really disagreed with Bill Madden's column about Bud Selig's legacy hinging on the fates of the Mets, Dodgers, Rays and A's. While solving those situations on his way out might provide a nice postscript, Selig's obit as commissioner will always begin with the 1994 strike and subsequent steroids era. NYDN

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