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1. The only bad thing about being rich in today's America is that someone is eventually going to ask you if you're interested in bailing out the Wilpons and buying 25 percent of the New York Mets even though you'd likely have no say over your money.

On Thursday, it was Michael Bloomberg's turn.

"I don't think I should own a baseball team," Bloomberg said at a press conference.

Aaaand .. so much for that. Bloomberg says he prefers holding both Yankees and Mets tickets and taking in a game with his daughters. When he's not, you know, busy running the center of the universe. NYDN

2. In case you doubted the first sentence of this post, here's a handy-dandy list to all the loaded individuals who have been asked about buying a slice of the Mets, from Jerry Seinfeld to Martin Luther King III. The 'Ropolitans 

3. No idea what kind of size Mario Cuomo is holding in his bank account, but he should probably expect to be asked about possible ownership after he mediates the team's Bernie Madoff mess. Fanhouse 

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4. To heck with the whole thing, says Alex Remington (over on his other job), why not just take the Mets public and be done with it? Fangraphs

5. Over in the Bronx, they're experiencing a very similar phenomenom. Except it's with starting pitchers who have the slightest possibility of leaving their current team. Francisco Liriano(notes), please report to every Yankees message blog and board ever. LoHud Yankees 

6. Barry Bonds had some of his charges reduced on Thursday, but his attorneys are still seeking the dismissal of a secret recording that was made at his locker. AP

7. On Thursday, Boston Red Sox reliever Daniel Bard(notes) said on Thursday that he'd like to be a starter someday. Rob Bradford tells you today why Bard's possible attempt to be baseball's next C.J. Wilson(notes) is a good thing. WEEI

8. If you print out one blog post for your fantasy baseball draft prep, let it be this one: What your target stat totals should be if you're playing in a 12-team league. Razzball 

9. The video of this $4,500 replica of Ebbets Field during Game 3 of the 1955 World Series is awesome by itself. But then the creator turns the ballpark's lights on at the 3:15 mark of this video and you're pretty much left without words. Vin Scully Is My Homeboy 

10. Here's baseball's all 35 years and older team (aka the 2011 New York Yankees). Offbase Percentage

11. The hour that @ozzieguillen spent ordering, waiting for and consuming a Domino's pizza on Thursday night may have been the greatest hour in Twitter history. Especially since it produced this ... @spacemnkymafia 

12. Now that Atlanta Braves fans have made their voices heard on the bobblehead issue, they're turning their attention toward their stomachs. Bring some good southern BBQ to Turner Field, says Gondee. Talking Chop 

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