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D’Backs poke fun at Kirk Gibson with custom-made ties

Kirk Gibson banned toy guns and toy planes from his clubhouse at the start of the year.

The Arizona Diamondbacks manager didn't say anything about YouTube, though, and it has come back to bite him in a funny way. As part of a team-building practical joke, a couple of veterans found an old deodorant commercial that Gibson filmed in 1989 and turned a screencap of their sudsed-up skipper into fashionable neck ties.

The guilty fashionistas? FOX Sports Arizona says its closer J.J. Putz(notes) and second baseman Kelly Johnson(notes). Putz did his best to avoid taking responsibility, but Johnson did nothing to fight the suspicion in an amusing interview:

"I (made) 40," Johnson said. "I wanted to make sure that everyone got one. We got the staff, the coaches ... Anyone gets called up, it's like 'Welcome to the big leagues, here's a tie.'"

As you might suspect, the hard-nosed Gibson does, uh, knot find the prank all that funny.

"I think they're both guilty," Gibson told Fox Sports. "And there will be retribution toward them at some point this year ... I don't aim to get even, but I do aim to get ahead."

Gibby was joking, so maybe his team's surprising first-place standing has softened his tough stance on clubhouse entertainment a bit. But as for seeing him actually sporting one of these ties alongside his charges? Figure it'd take nothing less than a World Series title before he actually wraps one around his neck ...

Big BLS H/N: The Sports Hernia

Here's the original commercial:

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