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Jason Giambi(notes) says there's no such thing as a small contribution during a pennant race, but is there as such a thing as an effortless one? If so, Giambi might have done it on Tuesday.

Making his debut with the Rockies, Giambi drew a bases-loaded, four-pitch walk from the Mets' Sean Green(notes), earning a RBI in the easiest way possible. No doubt that manager Jim Tracy (above) and the Rockies will take that type of output — and not the .193 Oakland variety — every night in September and maybe beyond. 

So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from Monday's earthshaking C-a-C:

Pablo Sandoval and Juan Uribe have not achieved liftoff

1st — JerBear. "Not Pictured: The crushed, mangled corpse of Tim Lincecum(notes)."

2nd — BD.  "Not pictured: Bengie Molina(notes) waiting patiently for new Giants acquisition Brad Penny(notes) to provide him with an hip bump partner he won't crush."

3rd — silly dodgers. "It looks so easy when Kemp and Ethier do it"

HM — baseballfuries. "Disco Demolition Night: Bad Idea, Disco Dancing Night: Also Bad Idea"

HM — Szygy. "Magnetic necklaces were a good idea. Magnetic underpants? Not so much."

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