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Cole Hamels strikes a pose at Phillies charity fashion show

At least one Philadelphia Phillies player had fun at Shane Victorino's(notes) second annual charity fashion show on Thursday night.

OK, most players probably had a blast, judging from the photo slideshow at (Check out the list of Phillies who walked down the runway.)

But did anyone embrace the role of fashion model as well as Cole Hamels(notes), judging from the photo above (originally posted on the Phillies' official Twitter account)?

The man knows how to strike a pose. Do you see more of a Michael Jackson influence or Derek Zoolander with that one? "I call this: 'Hitting the Corners.'"

No other Phillies player could have pulled off carrying a man purse and remained really, really, ridiculously good looking in a masculine way. (Or do we call Hamels' accessory a "satchel"? "Murse"?) Does Fangraphs measure a player's FIP (Fielding Independent Posing)?

It's worth noting that Hamels might have had more time than his teammates to work on his runway moves, being out since Aug. 13 with an elbow injury. He's scheduled to return on Monday. What better way to prepare for getting back on the mound than strutting, posing and sashaying? It has to be more fun than throwing a bullpen session with coach Rich Dubee.

Below, check out video of the event. And don't forget to vogue!

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