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If there's a small sample size overreaction that's opposite to the depression of Boston fans, it probably comes in the glee of the fans that saw the Cleveland Indians sweep the Red Sox at Progressive Field last week.

The Indians are currently 8-3, sit atop the AL Central standings and have won four of five games on a West Coast swing. It took a one-hitter by the Angels' Dan Haren on Tuesday night to finally cool them down.

Things are going so well that one Cleveland sports talk host even had GM Chris Antonetti on his show and brought up the Indians being buyers at the trading deadline.

Yes, the trading deadline that is still 3 1/2 months and about 100 games away.

Here's how Antonetti responded to the topic (via Sports Radio Interviews):

"Yeah I think that (buying) is our mindset. We need to be prepared for that. Manny (Acta) said this in the offseason that his job is to try and put the Dolans in a position to add guys at the deadline. That's certainly my focus."

First off, that's a great response from Antonetti and I wouldn't expect anything else from him. What's he going to do, say his team isn't going to keep playing .700 baseball and kill all this early positive press?

And, also, don't get me wrong: Part of the reason I love baseball are the extreme highs and lows a fanbase can experience right out of the gate, regardless of the reality of the rest of the season. I certainly don't begrudge Indians fans for getting excited, especially not after another bad Browns season and their first LeBron-less winter since the turn of the millenium. They should enjoy it, however long it lasts.

At the same time, all this talk about the trading deadline and crazy scenarios like Jered Weaver(notes) wearing an Indians uniform when the Angels come calling in late July?

Yeah, let's wait at least until Mother's Day.

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