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Well, this sure is nice. The Portland Sea Dogs are holding Clay Buchholz Bobblehead Night and both the Double-A club and its big league affiliate have worked to make sure that the real Clay Buchholz will be on hand tonight to sign the 1,000 statues handed out at the gate.

I mean, you just don't see that kind of cooperation with a farm system anymore. Thankfully it wasn't Buchholz's turn to start a game for the Red Sox and so he'll be able to oversee a ceramic commemoration of the no-hitter he threw for Boston last Sept. 1.

Wait a minute ... You say that Buchholz is also scheduled to start tonight's game for Portland because he was just demoted down there last week? And that he won't be returning to the Red Sox directly after?

Well, wow ... Check all that stuff about this being the pure pleasure of serendipity. This history-making giveaway day — a former major leaguer pitching on his minor league "look who it made it big" tribute — is just plain awkward

Please, if you're headed to the game, no one look Mr. Buchholz directly in the eye.

And, for the love of God, please do not ask how someone can notch a no-hitter against Baltimore one year, then have the same team punch his bus ticket the next. 

A big BLS head nod to Sox & Dawgs for the tip.

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