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"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and the show's favorite player, Chase Utley(notes), have finally met.

Utley and teammate Ryan Howard(notes) guest starred on the popular FX sitcom Thursday night, and the results were not unlike the Philadelphia Phillies' 2010 season: Good, but it could have been better.

If you've never seen "It's Always Sunny," imagine "Seinfeld" taken a step too far. The show is about the funniest and most morally corrupt people you'll ever meet. They have many shenanigans and laughs. And they love the Phillies. One character in particular, Mac, loves Utley. A little too much.

Not surprisingly, "Sunny" writers chose to make the two Fightins' play straight men for the Dennis and Charlie characters at a charity fundraiser in Atlantic City. It was the safe choice.

Crossing Broad has video, though you also could pay and download the episode on iTunes if you're kicking yourself for missing the broadcast.

Switching it around by having the players act out would have been funnier, though Howard was pretty wooden while speaking the lines he was given. (Have all of those Subway ads taught him nothing about being a thespian?)

Utley, for his part, said even less. So maybe the show's writers knew what they were doing. (However, his hair was gelled nicely, it must be pointed out.)

Still, both guys got in a couple of funny moments — like when Charlie objected to Mets fans crashing the party, and Howard picked him up to prevent a fight.

Utey even broke out a glove and played catch with Dennis, bouncing a ball for some (perhaps) unintended comedy. Funny. Or, funny-ish. Kind of like getting to the playoffs and losing. Hey, at least they got on the show.

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