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Finally, The Man made something stick in his relentless quest to take down Barry Bonds.

And authorities just happened to crack down on the same night Bonds' beloved San Francisco Giants clinched their first World Series championship since 1954.

No, talking on a mobile telephone while driving a car doesn't pack the possible sentencing wallop of federal perjury, and it's not as juicy — juicy, hah! — as being caught with PEDs.

But it's still against the law, not to mention dangerous, and not even Major League Baseball's all-time home run king is above the law. What's funny about the above photo: It was snapped nearly four years ago. Look closely: Either Bonds is pretending to talk on the phone while driving or, doggone it, he's really doing so. He's a habitual! Oh, irony.

Back in January of '07, it wasn't yet illegal to phone and drive at the same time in California. But there's little doubt that state and local law enforcement had this photo plastered in their offices just in case they ever happened to catch Bonds driving through their town. 

Well, thanks to our celebrity news content partners over at TMZ, the Stew has learned Bonds was driving in West Hollywood on Monday night when officers made their move.

Bonds was pulled over in his [s]ilver Lexus last night around 10:00 PM -- and cited for talking on his cell phone while driving ... a violation that will set him back roughly $125.

Not a week has passed since Bonds floated his desire to coach in the major leagues with the Giants. He's just trying to give back and make it in this world. Only, will society let him without a big hassle?

We're told Bonds was totally cool with the cops — and went along his merry way without further incident. 

Of course he was in a good mood — as usual — the Giants are world champions. No patrolman's litany of moving violations could get a fella down on such a joyous day.

I suppose Barry was in greater Los Angeles and not Dallas with the Giants because he anticipated the Series going six games and heading back to San Francisco.

That's too bad. If he had attended the clinching in person, maybe his driving record would not be smudged.

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