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If you told me a high-profile Cincinnati Reds player drove a custom-colored sportscar, I would guess that his whip was tinted, well, Cincinnati red. That would just make sense.

But if you were to ask me the one Red who's driving around the Queen City in the purple Audi R8 that was featured Friday on Deadspin-sibling Jalopnik? Well, it'd be easy to guess that the owner of the ground-eating Grimace would be the flashy Brandon "Taco" Phillips. He's a guy with an outsized personality and an interesting sense of style. He probably has no reservations with ordering such a non-traditional paint job. (The Gold Gloves on the wheels are also probably a giveaway as I can't see Scott Rolen(notes) tooling around town in this thing.)

As Jalopnik notes, this is the same new car that Phillips was driving when he was stopped for going 72 mph in a 35 mph zone last month. And while I'm a big fan of driving what you want to drive and buying what you want to buy, let's hope Phillips — who's having a fantastic All-Star year — is learning the appropriate places to unleash the power of such a sweet ride.     

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