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Willie Randolph now says he was "really stunned" (video) by his early morning firing on Tuesday, but  his comments didn't come close to matching the ones fired off by Bill Bavasi on his way out the door as Mariners' GM on Monday.

A sampling of Bavasi's exit interview:

On his players: "The chemistry, in some respects is real good in there. They're real nice guys. But it's when they cross the lines that, like I said, some of them get the fever. And some just don't know how to play. And that's bad chemistry.''

On what reporters can expect when they ask Erik Bedard about not being able to pitch deep into the game: "He'll have a stupid answer for you, you can count on it. He'll have some dumb ass answer.'"

On what he'd have done differently: "In retrospect, maybe I should have put a chain on the [clubhouse] door and torched it." (Bavasi said this while smiling.)

On what the team became: "They've learned to become dysfunctional ... And they have to unlearn that."

As my friend-for-life Jerry Brewer writes in the Seattle Times, Bavasi's firing hit the rare trifecta, coming as a relief to the team, the fans and Bavasi himself. Judging from those comments, Brew was right on.

It's obvious to see that Bavasi is glad the Mariners are now someone else's problem.

To view video selections from the press conference, check out the always-helpful blog by ST's Geoff Baker.  

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