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There's no question that Jason Giambi's new mustache is the most-talked about lip hair in baseball right now. But is it the best in baseball?

Heck, is it even the best mustache that belongs to a baseball player named Jason?

Cardinals catcher Jason LaRue, I believe, has a case for topping Giambi, but I'll let you Stewies decide in the voting booth below.

Before casting your ballot, consider the following ...

* * *

Giambi ... is riding the power of his mustache to an All-Star Game berth.

LaRue ... is hitting .228 in 27 games this season.

* * *

Giambi ... might live on the streets of Deadwood.

LaRue ... might live next to the guy who's dating the chick from Chotchkie's.

* * *

Giambi ... draws inspiration from golden thong.

LaRue ... draws inspiration from golden Goose.

* * *

Giambi ... looks like a state trooper.

LaRue ...  looks like the guy Giambi might be arresting.

* * * 

Giambi ... may be using mustache dye, though he has yet to vaguely apologize for it.

LaRue ...  all natural, all the time, baby ... that fancy dye stuff would never work in St. Louis. 

A big BLS head nod to The SportsHernia for the Giambi screen cap. 

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