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We now interrupt our World Series coverage to bring you this image that was posted late Thursday night on the Facebook page of Athletes Premier International — the sports agency that is currently representing Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman in his bid to get a major league pitching contract.

We say "currently" because we're not sure what kind of agency aims to get a $40 million deal for their pitching client, then tries to help the cause by posting images like the one above — Chapman is on the left — and this one, which is a bit more risqué. Don't they know employers are hitting social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to research prospective employees like never before?

There are certainly no crimes being committed in the pictures — hey, he's just posing with his fans! — but you think you'd want to portray a different image when trying to convince some team that your 21-year-old fireballer is worth such a big investment. I could be wrong, but this has to be the first time that a player's agent has beat Deadspin to the punch by posting such, uh, "nightlife pictures" on the Internet.

The two photos were in an album titled "Aroldis Chapman, Boston visit" before being pulled down early Friday morning. The location makes sense considering Chapman just met with the Red Sox. He's also been invited to New York by the Yankees for Game 6 of the World Series and one can only imagine what kind of snapshots that visit will produce. We're guessing they won't go up on Facebook this time, though. 

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