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In one of the cooler photographs of the baseball season, a trainer for the Texas Rangers (along with much of the team and an umpire) check behind the right ear of left-hander Cliff Lee(notes) for magic coins damage done by bat splinters.

Jack Cust(notes) of the Oakland Athletics hit an infield single in the fourth inning, but his maple bat didn't make it, exploding on impact and acting as a wooden grenade of sorts. Lee was not seriously hurt — unlike Tyler Colvin(notes) of the Chicago Cubs was a few days ago — and Lee's incident seemed to be paid little attention after the game. Somewhat understandable, given the A's 5-0 victory behind Dallas Braden(notes) and that Lee was OK. This time.

If you watch the replay closely, Lee (despite being a man's man) was clearly startled by the bat splinters heading his way. Who wouldn't be?

Still, the bat police are watching. Will they make an arrest on maple?

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