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If you're a Washington Nationals fan going through some Stephen Strasburg(notes) withdrawal, Minor League Baseball Auctions has just the cure. The site is currently taking bids on some of Strasburg's things from his time as a Syracuse Chief and if you're declared the winner, you can clutch his dirty hosiery to your nose. You know, just to remember what he smells like.  

The items up for grabs are currently a Chiefs jersey, one of his belts and a pair of socks. All are game-worn, so they are likely laced with the Strasburg sweat we mere mortals thirst for. Future auctions have not been announced, but allow me to presume that they will include his uniform pants, a Snickers bar he might have thought about eating before opting for sunflower seeds, and the laptop that Dan Steinberg used to write a year's worth of Strasburg posts.

Do I hear one dollar?

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