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Johnny Damon drops a late Friday bombshell on us, telling Ken Rosenthal that he "can't pay bills right now" (including his mortgage) because his assets have been frozen as part of that devastating $8 billion Stanford Financial fraud investigation.

Xavier Nady has also been affected — he and Damon have the same financial adviser — and tells Ken that it has prevented him from buying an apartment in New York. Since Stanford went $8 billion deep, it's likely there are other jilted athletes out there who haven't come forward yet. [Fox Sports]

• Darren Rovell notes that Johnny Damon has made $84.1 million in salary over his career and then wonders how the center fielder doesn't have enough cash lying around to pay his bills. [CNBC]

• Remember that great house that Damon showed out on MTV Cribs a few years back? It was put up for sale last summer. [SW Orlando Blog]

• Speaking of the economy, here's a post on how the Indians are leading the way in using statistical analysis to determine the variable pricing on their tickets.  [Waiting For Next Year]

• But if Ryan Braun is starting a fashion company and he's charging between $78 and $118 for an Ed Hardy-type t-shirt, we can't really be in trouble, can we? [Bugs & Cranks]  

• STEW NEWS:  Our own David Brown will be touching down in the Sunshine State on Monday night and providing spring training coverage the rest of the week. He also has a few Answer Man targets, who he'll try to wrangle before they escape to the WBC.

• Jeff Passan satisfies my Matt Holliday jonesin' by filing a solid look at a ballplayer on the verge of one crazy and uncertain year. [Yahoo! Sports

STEW NEWS, PT. 2: Remember to sign up for our Twitter feed, so that you can receive our during-the-day randomness, whatever it's worth. [Twitter]

• You'd be depressed, too, if you were on the Nationals. [AP] 

• If you're trying to sell something to the Dodgers, it's probably best if you don't use a picture of Matt Stairs during the pitch. [Inside The Dodgers]

• Hal McCoy reports that the new Rays' facility is backed by a pond that eats baseball that clear the left field fence. Don't bother bringing your fishing net, though. Hal says it has "an alligator or two" plus some "poisonous snakes." In related news, I'm rerouting Dave's trip so that it goes through Port Charlotte. Crikey! [OMGReds]

• Count Mac Thomasen as one Braves fan who isn't happy to see Tom Glavine return:

"Simply put, there is no evidence that Tom Glavine is still a major league-caliber pitcher. Last season, he managed 63 innings, in which he struck out only 37 — and walked the same number. I don't know what's worse. He allowed 11 homers, a huge rate jump. His ERA was 5.54, and he was lucky that it was that low — his fielding-independent ERA (Hardball Times calculation) was 5.90. There just aren't any positives. If the Braves had a young staff, it might be worth keeping him around in a mentoring role, but they don't.

"He hit .105, nearly a career low; he had no extra-base hits, and so a .105 slugging percentage, which was a career low. He just can't play Major League baseball anymore, and that's it." [Braves Journal]

• But you can count Ichiro as another Mariner who's happy to finally be playing with Ken Griffey, Jr. [Seattle P-I]

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